My Super Bowl Prediction

Ready for my official Super Bowl prediction? Here it is…

Honestly, this is the first Super Bowl in 20 years that I literally do not care about at all.

Not only has this been the least interesting and most apathetic NFL season in about that same time, not only is the NFL becoming more and more of an exercise in cognitive dissonance (which I have a feeling will become a defining term for 2017), but most importantly, the US is quite literally doing its damnedest to impersonate 1925 USSR and 1935 Germany.

With each passing day, it’s more and more clear that we are on the cusp of a frightening new world. One built on populism, nationalism and xenophobia. One that’s less “We the people” and more “Us versus them”. 

Photo by Brian “BT” Twitty Photography

As a country, we are not that far away from repeating the mistakes of the past, specifically race-based internment camps like those that held Japanese people in incarceration during World War II or the Immigration Act of 1917, which, in addition to barring people whose bloodline I share, is eerily similar to the one that is currently being haphazardly pushed through by Donald Trump.

Knowing that this is the direction we are headed, where many of our friends, family, associates, educators, political and activist figures might face a similar fate, how the fuck can I muster up any real enthusiasm for this game?

Admittedly, it would probably be different if one of my teams (Colts or Panthers) were playing today. But with the NFL becoming harder and harder to watch each year, and society beginning to fray at the seams, what good is a Super Bowl title ultimately?

What good is a Super Bowl title if we’re locking away the millions of non-white non-straight people in this country? If we’re trading a volley of missiles with North Korea? If Russia is invading our soil?

What good does the Lombardi do then? For Boston, Atlanta or any other city?

My prediction: New England DGAF, Atlanta DGAF.

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