We help our clients tell their story authentically through individualized podcast productions, helping them reach new and existing audiences. Here are some of the people and organizations we’re proud to have worked with.

The Biscuit CLT Podcast: The Biscuit CLT Podcast features all things creative in the Queen City. The podcast arm of Charlotte Is Creative, we’ve been working with Matt Olin and Tim Miner for more than four years producing podcasts that show off all the creative talent in Charlotte. This episodes follows Matt Olin as he rehearses for his role as Vinny in Theatre Charlotte’s production of “The Odd Couple,” Olin’s first on-stage role in more than 30 years.

Arts & Science Council: In 2019, we worked with the Arts & Science Council to produce Culture For All, a podcast dedicated to advocating for the proposed quarter-cent sales tax to support the arts, schools and public parks. The tax didn’t end up passing, but the podcast remains a great example of the versatility of podcasting. In this case, the podcast functions as civic engagement, aiming to inform the voting public about a very important choice.

Presented here are two episodes from the series. The first, “Culture For All.” lays out the case for the sales tax, including audio vignettes from community programs, interviews with stakeholders, and even a Q&A with ASC Board Chair Valecia McDowell. The second episode, “Case Study: Cuyahoga County” takes us to Cleveland, Ohio to talk to arts leaders there who have funded their arts programs through a “sin” tax, a $.35 per pack tax on cigarettes since 2006.

Seeking the Heart: Local non-profit organization Care Ring provides low-to-no cost medical services for families of need, particularly single mothers. Founded in 1955, Care Ring serves more than 7,000 patients in the Mecklenburg County area each year. Executive Director Don Jonas serves as your host, taking you on deep discussions with the brightest minds in community health care.

Means of Grace: The Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church oversees more than 11,000 member churches in western North Carolina. The WNCC launched the Means of Grace podcast to help connect all those member churches, the clergy and congregations with stories and interviews with church leaders and the communities they serve. Here is the first episode in the series, an intimate look at a mission trip members of the church took to a migrant respite center in McAllen, Texas. We hear from pastor Nate Arledge as he leads us through the work the church does, as well as hearing from some of the migrants themselves.

The Power of Design Podcast: Jack Ossa is an architect, designer and entrepreneur. A naturalized immigrant from Columbia, Jack has built a career being an innovative thinker and designer. After working for Gensler for many years, Jack has owned his own architecture and design firm, Ossa Studio, since 2017. The Power of Design Podcast allows Jack to have deep conversations with other leaders in the world of architecture, design and commercial real estate.

On Life and Meaning: Mark Peres is a professor at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, but more pertinently, he is a intellectual maven, a savant with the written word, and an insatiable learner. Between 2017-2019, Mark produced On Life and Meaning, a pdocast series spanning 100 episodes exactly, profiling some of the brightest minds in Charlotte. He intended it to be a gallery of sorts, something that the community can find meaning and inspiration in for years to come. Here is his interview with Michael Graff, one of the most acclaimed writers in town.